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Scientists Firstly Demonstrate Electrical Generation and Contr... | 2016-04-06
    Recently, a collaborated work by Prof. ZHANG Xiang’s group in University of California, Berkeley, and Prof. ZHAO Jianhua’s group at Institute of Semiconductors, Chinese Academy of Sciences, has successfully demonstrated electrical generation and control of valley carriers in monolayer TMDC/(Ga,Mn)As heterojunctions for the first time. detail...
Scientists Firstly Demonstrate Electrical Generation and Control of Valley Carriers in TMDC/(Ga,Mn)As (2016.04.06)
Scientists Fabricate a New Type of Flexible Sensing Device for Application in Electronic Skins and Health Monitoring (2016.03.17)
Highlights of 2015 for Journal of Semiconductors (2016.03.15)
Invited Review Papers recently published in the Journal of Semiconductors (2016.03.15)
Int’l Cooperation News
Huang Kun Forum
Prof. Gang-Ding Peng visits to Institute of Semiconductors (14.01.08)
Dr Ziyang Zhang from EPSRC National centre for III-V Technologies in UK visiting the Key Laborato... (13.07.18)
Chinese-French Seminar on “Spintronics in Semiconductor” was held in the Key Laboratory of Semi... (13.05.30)
The 281st: Parity-Time Symmetry Photonics: exploiting optical losses (16.05.25)
The 280th: Silicon Carbide Power Electronics: Challenges and Opportunities (16.05.25)
The 279th: Anomalous phonon transport/heat diffusion in nano scale systems (16.04.28)
The 278th: Integrating III-V quantum dot lasers on silicon platform for silicon photonics (16.04.28)
The 277th: Nano Spin Conversion Science (16.04.28)
The 276th: Light effect transistors (LETs) for high speed and low energy computing (16.04.18)
Research Progress
Scientists Fabricate a New Type of Flexible Sensing Device for Ap...
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A New World Speed Record For The Brain Wave Spelling
High average power picosecond fiber amplifier with 20μm core YDF
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