Welcome to the website of the Institute of Semiconductors, CAS.

It has entered 21st century. Looking back, the institute had made special contributions in each historical development stage of China's economic construction. In recent years, with “scientific approach to development” as the guide, the institute has implemented a series of structural adjustment, and thus basically establishes a subject structure of overall order and layout optimization. Meanwhile, the institute timely shifts the structural adjustment focus from the formation of structural framework to the optimization of each structure element’s research direction, talent structure, and operation and management mechanism, to the improvement of the vitality of self-development, and so on.

Looking ahead, the institute will try to achieve the following aspects in the next five to ten years: to make international-standard innovations in basic research fields; to realize key technologies which have Chinese intellectual property, enhance the socio-economic development in high-tech research fields; to have an important effect on national high-tech industries during the high-tech achievement conversion. The institute will further enhance its role as a national research center in the national innovation system, and promote the development of China's semiconductor science and technology.

Welcome and look forward the expert in the field of semiconductor science and technology at home and abroad to access and join the institute.

Thank you for your concern and support to the institute.