On Sep 6, 1960, the Institute of Semiconductors, CAS was founded in Beijing.

   The institute has fabricated the first material/device/circuit in mainland China as follows:

   The first silicon single crystal, and various monocrystalline silicon slices and epitaxial wafers that are needed in the integrated circuits;

   The first high-purity GaAs single crystal, and the monocrystalline slices that are needed in semiconductor lasers;

   The first epitaxial wafer, and quantum well, superlattice materials;

   The first integrated circuit of transistor, high-frequency transistor, and silicon planar transistor;

   The first MOS field effect transistor;

   The first 1 MHz transistor sampling oscilloscope;

   The first Si, GaAs variable capacitance diode, snap off diode and the other microwave devices, and a variety of novel circuits; the microwave beacon used in the first artificial satellite;

   The first solar cell;

   The first semiconductor refrigerator.

   The institute has made important contributions to China’s economic development, making China’s semiconductor science and technology take a place in the international science and technology fields, in China’s different historical periods.