Author(s): Liu, LJ (Liu, Lingjuan); Wang, YF (Wang, Yufei); Ji, HY (Ji, Haiyang); Fu, T (Fu, Ting); Zheng, WH (Zheng, Wanhua)

Source: ELECTRONICS LETTERS Volume: 59 Issue: 5 Article Number: e12747 DOI: 10.1049/ell2.12747 Published: MAR 2023

Abstract: By fabricating patterned electrodes on a dumbbell-shaped cavity semiconductor laser, the coherence of the laser can be switched by only changing the injection current. The threshold current and the peak power of the laser are 0.75 A and 1.41 W @ 3 A. Under the injection of small and large currents, the measured speckle contrasts are 40.0% @ 0.8 A and 7.0% @ 3 A. And the corresponding horizontal far-field divergence angles are 4.05 degrees and 8.7 degrees, respectively, showing a high directionality. Such a laser with a wide range of adjustable coherence and a high directionality has a great potential in the field of bioimaging.

Accession Number: WOS:000943325000001

ISSN: 0013-5194

eISSN: 1350-911X

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