Title: Heterointerface and Intragrain Microstructures of Perovskite Semiconductors
Speaker: Prof. Yuanyuan Zhou (Department of Physics, Hong Kong Baptist University, Hong Kong SAR, China)
Abstract:Heterointerface and intragrain microstructures can be key factors influencing performance of perovskite semiconductors, which have been less studied. In my talk, I will discuss our recent advances on the high-resolution characterization and novel tailoring of these microstructures, advancing our fundamental understanding of microscopic structure-property-performance relationship in perovskites. Specifically, I will demonstrate the design and synthesis of an interpenetrating interface of charge-transport layer/perovskite which mitigates the (opto-)mechanical issue of perovskite solar cells, followed by a discussion on the use of a novel scanning transmission electron microscopy methodology to unravel performance-limiting intragrain interfaces in perovskite solar cells.  
Time: Mar. 17, 2023  15:00 PM 
Venue: No. 320 meeting room of building 3, IOS, CAS