Institute of Semiconductors

Chinese Academy of Sciences

Cas Members

  • Wang Zhanguo
  •     Wang Zhanguo, born in 1938, semiconductor materials physicist., He was elected Member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences in 1995.

        Semiconductor materials physicist. Native of Zhenping, Henan province. Graduated from the Department of Physics, Nankai University in 1962. Researcher of the Institute of Semiconductors,Chinese academy of Sciences. Wang has been engaged in the study of radiating effect of silicon solar cells used in the satellites and the characters of GaAs material in the early days of his career. Since 1980, he has been focusing on the study of the deep energy physics of semiconductor. He put forward a new method to distinguish whether there exists same defect and different energy state in the two deep energy coexisting systems. He has solved the arguement about the nature of A , B energy level in GaAs and gold acceptor lever and donor lever in silicon.

        He presented the physical model of deep level width and spectrum line split in mixture crystal semiconductor and explained their physics essence. He proposed the five energy model of GaAs electricity compensation and the new criterion of electricity compensation, making thus contributions to the enhancement of the GaAs quality. In recent years, Wang has made important progress in preparing the low dimensional semiconductor material and the quantum device application.

        Wang was elected Member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences in 1995.