Institute of Semiconductors

Chinese Academy of Sciences

Cas Members

  • Wang Wei
  •     Wang Wei,born in 1937, expert in semiconductor optoelectronics devices. He was elected Member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences in 1997.

        Expert in semiconductor optoelectronics devices. Native of Wenan,Hebei province. Graduated from Department of Physics, Beijing University in 1960. Researcher of Institute of semiconductor,Chinese Academy Sciences. In early days of his career,wang was egaged in the study of nondislocation silicon single crystal and liquid phase epitaxy heterostructure of III-V compound, making contributions to raising the working temperature of GaAs based lasers from liquid nitrogen temperature to room temperature in our country. Since 1979, he has began to engage in studying GaInGaP double heterostructure longwavelength lasers and dynamic single model(?) lasers. His outstanding achievements include strain layer multi-quantum well distribution feedback lasers, reverse phase gain couple type(?) distribution feedback lasers and the main vibration(?主振)power amplification devices resulted from mono-integrating which with fan-shaped amplifier , electrical absorption modulator and distribute feedback lasers mono-ingegrated devices, etc, thus making contributions to the development of the semiconductor optoelectronic device for the optic fiber communication in our country .

        He was elected Member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences in 1997.