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    InGaAsP-InP Square Microlasers With a Vertex Output Waveguide (10.12.04)
    Fermi-Level Pinning at Metal/High-k Interface Influenced by Electron State Density of Metal Gate (10.12.04)
    The role of zinc dopant and the temperature effect on the controlled growth of InN nanorods in me... (10.12.04)
    Fabrication and luminescence characterization of two-dimensional GaAs-based photonic crystal nano... (10.12.04)
    Origin of flat-band voltage sharp roll-off in metal gate/high-k/ultrathin- SiO2/Si p-channel meta... (10.12.04)
    Anomalous optical and electronic properties of dense sodium (10.11.02)
    High electrical-to-green efficiency high stability intracavity-frequency-doubled Nd:YAG-LBO QCW 5... (10.11.02)
    880 nm LD pumped passive mode-locked TEM00 Nd:YVO4 laser based on SESAM (10.11.02)
    Density Gradient Ultracentrifugation of Nanotubes: Interplay of Bundling and Surfactants Encapsul... (10.11.02)
    Room-Temperature Ferromagnetism in Co-Doped In2O3 Nanocrystals (10.11.02)
    On-Chip All-Optical Passive 3.55 Gbit/s NRZ-to-PRZ Format Conversion Using a High-Q Silicon-Based... (10.11.02)
    Harmonic Millimeter Wave Generation and Frequency Up-Conversion Using Optical Injection Locking a... (10.11.02)
    Terahertz Quantum Cascade Laser Operating at 2.94 THz (10.11.02)
    Ultrasensitive Detection of Infrared Photon Using Microcantilever: Theoretical Analysis (10.11.02)
    Study on tapered crossed subwavelength gratings by Fourier modal method (10.11.02)
    Influence of nitrogen implantation into the buried oxide on the radiation hardness of silicon-on-... (10.11.02)
    Evaluation of both composition and strain distributions in InGaN epitaxial film using x-ray diffr... (10.11.02)
    Diffractive microlens with a cascade focal plane fabricated by single mask UV-photolithography an... (10.11.02)
    Rashba electron's ballistic transport in two-dimensional quantum waveguide (10.11.02)
    Magnetic barrier on strained graphene: A possible valley filter (10.11.02)
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