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    Performance Comparison of Using SOA and HNLF as FWM Medium in a Wavelength Multicasting Scheme Wi... (11.01.11)
    Photovoltaic Effects of InGaN/GaN Double Heterojunctions With p-GaN Nanorod Arrays (11.01.11)
    A comprehensive consideration of bias voltage and temperature to extract the intrinsic frequency ... (11.01.11)
    Generation of compact radially polarized beam at 850 nm in vertical-cavity surface-emitting laser... (11.01.11)
    Feature Analysis and Discrimination of Varieties of Corn Based on Near Infrared Spectra (11.01.11)
    Spin splitting modulated by uniaxial stress in InAs nanowires (11.01.11)
    Structure and properties of InAs/AlAs quantum dots for broadband emission (11.01.11)
    Effects of silicon incorporation on composition, structure and electric conductivity of cubic bor... (11.01.11)
    Strain effects on optical polarisation properties in (11(2)over-bar2) plane GaN films (11.01.11)
    The exciton-longitudinal-optical-phonon coupling in InGaN/GaN single quantum wells with various c... (11.01.11)
    Molecular beam epitaxy of GaSb on GaAs substrates with AlSb/GaSb compound buffer layers (11.01.11)
    Blue-shift photoluminescence from porous InAlAs (11.01.11)
    Spatial Mode Selection by the Phase Modulation of Subwavelength Plasmonic Grating (11.01.11)
    Band crossing in isovalent semiconductor alloys with large size mismatch: First-principles calcul... (11.01.11)
    Broadly Tunable Grating-Coupled External Cavity Laser With Quantum-Dot Active Region (11.01.11)
    40 Gbits/s all-optical clock recovery for degraded signals using an amplified feedback laser (11.01.11)
    Accurate determination of electronic transition energy of carbon nanotubes from the resonant beha... (11.01.11)
    Abnormal photoabsorption in high resistance GaN epilayer (11.01.11)
    AlGaInP LED with surface structure of two-dimensional photonic crystal (11.01.11)
    Investigation on the strain relaxation of InGaN layer and its effects on the InGaN structural and... (11.01.11)
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