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  • High power 355 nm ultraviolet laser
    Update time: 2011-12-31
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    Due to its unique advantages including high repetition rate and electrical-optical efficiency, good beam quality and long life time, solid-state ultraviolet (UV) laser has been widely used in a variety of industrial applications such as biological engineering, material preparation, optical equipments production, integrated circuit production and semiconductors.

    In recent years,under the experienced leadership, the laboratory of all-solid-state light sources has overcome the difficulties in terms of low output power and low repetition rate. Diode-side-pumped 355nm UV laser running at high repetition rate of 100 kHz with an average output power of 5W has been realized. The M2 value is less than 1.3 and pulse width is controlled at 25 ns. Besides with an end-pumped Nd: YVO4 oscillator, 7W output power at 355nm has been achieved at a repetition rate of 30 kHz. The M2 value is less than 1.5 and pulse width is 50 ns. At present, the aim of the laboratory is to realize the transformation from the experimental semi-manufactured product to the fully industrial product.

    With increasing demands of micro-processing industries, both side-pumped and end-pumped laser technologies will be required for advances to higher power levels in a long term.


    355nm UV laser model machine

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