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  • Time delay in InGaN multiple quantum well laser diodes at room temperature
    Update time: 2011-01-11
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    Author(s): Jin, LA (Jin Lian); Jiang, DS (Jiang De-Sheng); Zhang, ZM (Zhang Zhu-Ming); Liu, ZS (Liu Zong-Shun); Zeng, C (Zeng Chang); Zhao, DG (Zhao De-Gang); Zhu, JJ (Zhu Jian-Jun); Wang, H (Wang Hui); Duan, LH (Duan Li-Hong); Yang, H (Yang Hui)
    Title: Time delay in InGaN multiple quantum well laser diodes at room temperature
    Source: CHINESE PHYSICS B, 19 (12): Art. No. 124211 DEC 2010
    Abstract: This paper reports that a long delay between the beginning of pumping current pulse and the onset of optical pulse is observed in InGaN laser diodes. The delay time decreases as the pumping current increases, and the speed of the delay time reduction becomes slower as the current amplitude increases further. Such delay phenomena are remarkably less serious in laser diodes grown on GaN substrate than those on sapphire. It attributes the delay to the traps which cause a large optical loss by saturable absorption and retard the laser action. The traps can be bleached by capturing injected carriers. The effect of GaAs laser irradiation on InGaN laser action demonstrates that the traps responsible for the delay are deep centres which can be filled by the photo-assisted processes.
    ISSN: 1674-1056
    Article Number: 124211
    DOI: 10.1088/1674-1056/19/12/124211

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