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    Factors in the fabrication of heterojunctions of 2-D materials through CVD (17.11.14)
    All rGO-on-PVDF-nanofibers based self-powered electronic skins (17.04.06)
    Scientists Firstly Demonstrate Electric Field Control of Deterministic Current-Induced Switching ... (17.04.01)
    Chinese scientists fabricate a kind of near full-composition-range high-quality GaAs1-xSbx nanowires (17.03.02)
    Scientists in Institute of Semiconductor CAS Firstly Demonstrate Resolved Sideband Raman Cooling ... (16.09.06)
    Scientists Fabricate Self-Catalyzed Ga-Based Semiconductor Nanowires on Si by Molecular-Beam Epitaxy (16.06.08)
    Scientists Firstly Demonstrate Electrical Generation and Control of Valley Carriers in TMDC/(Ga,M... (16.04.06)
    Scientists Fabricate a New Type of Flexible Sensing Device for Application in Electronic Skins an... (16.03.17)
    Orbital Two-Channel Kondo Effect in Ferromagnetic Epitaxial L10-MnAl Films (16.03.04)
    Chinese Scientists Fabricate High-Quality Free-Standing Two-Dimensional Single-Crystalline InSb N... (16.03.04)
    A New World Speed Record For The Brain Wave Spelling (15.11.02)
    High average power picosecond fiber amplifier with 20μm core YDF (12.04.01)
    High power 355 nm ultraviolet laser (11.12.31)
    High Electro-to-Optical Efficiency 180 W Q-Switched 532 nm Laser with a Pulse Width of 70 ns (11.09.28)
    1.8 W high power passively mode-locked Nd:YVO4 laser using a single-walled carbon nanotube satura... (11.09.27)
    2010 China Optics Important Achievements for Unidirectional Circular Microlasers (11.04.13)
    Light-splitting photovoltaic system utilizing two dual-junction solar cells (11.01.11)
    Theoretical study on InxGa1-xN/GaN quantum dots solar cell (11.01.11)
    Time delay in InGaN multiple quantum well laser diodes at room temperature (11.01.11)
    A novel highly efficient grating coupler with large filling factor used for optoelectronic integr... (11.01.11)
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