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    All rGO-on-PVDF-nanofibers based self-powered electronic skins (17.04.06)
    Scientists Firstly Demonstrate Electric Field Control of Deterministic Current-Induced Switching ... (17.04.01)
    Scientists in Institute of Semiconductor CAS Firstly Demonstrate Resolved Sideband Raman Cooling ... (16.09.06)
    Scientists Fabricate Self-Catalyzed Ga-Based Semiconductor Nanowires on Si by Molecular-Beam Epitaxy (16.06.08)
    Scientists Firstly Demonstrate Electrical Generation and Control of Valley Carriers in TMDC/(Ga,M... (16.04.06)
    Scientists Fabricate a New Type of Flexible Sensing Device for Application in Electronic Skins an... (16.03.17)
    Orbital Two-Channel Kondo Effect in Ferromagnetic Epitaxial L10-MnAl Films (16.03.04)
    Chinese Scientists Fabricate High-Quality Free-Standing Two-Dimensional Single-Crystalline InSb N... (16.03.04)
    A New World Speed Record For The Brain Wave Spelling (15.11.02)
    High average power picosecond fiber amplifier with 20μm core YDF (12.04.01)
    High power 355 nm ultraviolet laser (11.12.31)
    High Electro-to-Optical Efficiency 180 W Q-Switched 532 nm Laser with a Pulse Width of 70 ns (11.09.28)
    1.8 W high power passively mode-locked Nd:YVO4 laser using a single-walled carbon nanotube satura... (11.09.27)
    2010 China Optics Important Achievements for Unidirectional Circular Microlasers (11.04.13)
    Light-splitting photovoltaic system utilizing two dual-junction solar cells (11.01.11)
    Theoretical study on InxGa1-xN/GaN quantum dots solar cell (11.01.11)
    Time delay in InGaN multiple quantum well laser diodes at room temperature (11.01.11)
    A novel highly efficient grating coupler with large filling factor used for optoelectronic integr... (11.01.11)
    Monolithic integration of electroabsorption modulators and tunnel injection distributed feedback ... (11.01.11)
    Performance Comparison of Using SOA and HNLF as FWM Medium in a Wavelength Multicasting Scheme Wi... (11.01.11)
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