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Detailed Rules for Managing the "Century Program"
Update time: 2009-07-27
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These detailed rules are formulated in order to carry into effect the Opinions on Improving the Various Human Resources Plans during the Phase for All-round Implementation of the Pilot Project of the Knowledge Innovation Program (KIP) of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS). These are also meant to standardize the implementation of the "Century Program" (or Hundreds-Talent Program) for recruiting high-level professionals from China and abroad.

  Article I. The CAS plans to recruit 500 outstanding S&T professionals from abroad during the phase for all-round implementation of KIP (2001-2005), along with 30 such talents from China every year.

  Article II. Plan Formulation

  1. Before the end of February each year, a CAS research institute may, in line with the target of its scientific research and development of its academic disciplines and on account of the current conditions of its research staff, submit recruitment applications to the CAS Office for Century Program (OCP). The said institute shall fill in the Form of Application for Century Program Recruitment.

  2. The OCP shall receive applications from the various CAS research institutes for initial examination. The initial examination shall cover the research posts at each institute and the way each institute has handled the recruitment and managed the talents recruited under the program.

  3. The CAS bureaus in charge of scientific research shall, by taking into account of the posts proposed by each research institute for recruitment in light of what is classified as key areas in the CAS strategic plans for development, reexamine and screen the applications. Meanwhile, the bureaus shall propose plans for recruitment for newly established research institutes.

  4. The OCP shall itemize results of the reexamination by various bureaus in charge of scientific research to facilitate the final examination and formulation of the annual recruitment plan by the CAS Leading Group for Century Program. The number of talents to be recruited shall not exceed 100 per year.

  Article III. Recruitment and Assessment Procedure

  1. The OCP shall, through the mass media, put up a public notice on the CAS plan to invite applications for the recruitment, along with a guide for applicants.

  2. CAS research institutes to recruit talents shall organize the initial examination of applications. Applicants shall directly approach the concerned CAS research institutes, and fill in the Form of Application for Recommendation (Self-Recommendation) as CAS Candidates for Century Program. The said institutes shall each set up a recruitment committee charged with screening and initial examination of an applicant's qualification, through meetings at which the applicants defend their views. Written materials concerning the successful candidates shall then be submitted to the OCP. These include the Form of Application for Recommendation (Self-Recommendation) as CAS Candidate for Century Program (along with letters of recommendation from two internationally and domestically known experts, documents authenticating retrieval of published theses of a candidate and quotations from the theses, photocopies of one to three representative papers of the candidate, documents certifying occupation by the candidate of research posts abroad, documents certifying the candidate's doctoral degree, etc.), as well as the Form of Registration for Recruitment.

  3. Procedures of Examination at Academy Level

  (1) The OCP shall collect and process applications twice a year, at the end of May and October, respectively, examine qualifications of the candidates, and organize the examination at the Academy level jointly with the various CAS bureaus in charge of scientific research.

  (2) A panel of experts for examination of candidates shall be set up, comprising experts in and outside CAS. Experts from outside CAS must account for more than half of the committee, which shall be chaired by the head of the Leading Group for Century Program. The committee shall be charged with passing objective, fair judgements on the academic level of each candidate.

  (3) The committee shall meet twice a year. Examinations shall be conducted on the basis of the academic disciplines declared by each candidate, in separate specialized groups divided along the same line.

  (4) CAS bureaus in charge of scientific research shall, on the basis of the results of the examination by the committee, and in light of the CAS strategic action plan for development and the urgency of each newly set up institute for recruits, each propose a list of successful candidates. The lists shall be submitted to the Leading Group for discussion and decision.

  (5) The Leading Group shall meet, discuss the lists of successful candidates proposed by CAS bureaus in charge of scientific research, properly handle instances deemed special, and make a final decision on the lists.

  Article IV. Management of Recruits

  1. After receiving the final list of successful candidates from the OCP, the concerned research institute should notify the recruits of that in good time. In one month after being notified, a recruit should supply CAS with a written agreement issued by his or her foreign employer to his or her return to China for work and a note in writing on the duration of time for his or her work at CAS. The recruit shall be obliged to start working at the CAS in six months from the day when he or she receives the written notice on his or her recruitment. If for a good reason the recruit is unable to start working at CAS within that deadline, the case must be reported to the OCP for approval. In that case, the extended time limit shall not be longer than nine months, and failure to meet it shall mean cancellation of the recruitment. After reporting for work with CAS, the said recruit shall sign the CAS Management Contract for Century Program and the CAS Task Sheet.

  2. The said contract shall be submitted to OCP for examination and verification. The CAS shall submit a list of the recruits, in three separate groups a year, to the Ministry of Finance and apply for the support funding. Upon verification by the ministry of the requested funding, the CAS shall publish a list of the recipients and issue the sums to the concerned institutes. The said institutes shall then return the matching fund to CAS budget in accordance with the relevant provisions of the said contract.

  3. The said institutes shall undertake medium-term inspection, the results of which shall be included in the Task Sheet. The said inspection shall cover the performance of the recruits in their work, the various measures of guarantee adopted and the supporting staff provided by the said institutes.

  4. End-term appraisal

  The OCP shall organize an end-term appraisal of each recruit who has worked at CAS for a term of three years. The appraisal shall cover the overall professional quality of the said recruit, the progress of his or her work, his or her professional development and teamwork spirit, expenditure of the funds and development of the concerned laboratory.

  (1) The CAS institute where the said recruit works shall fill in the Form of End-Term Appraisal for Recruit and the Form of the Result of the End-Term Appraisal for Recruit.

  (2) The CAS bureaus in charge of the relevant scientific research shall organize teams of experts for a comprehensive appraisal of the recruits of the program. The appraisal shall follow the procedures of the recruits reporting their work, the experts putting questions to the recruits, the recruits defending their academic ideas, and the experts conducting the end-term appraisal. The experts shall give marks to the performance of the recruits, and produce a list of the recruits in order of their marks. On that basis, not more than a fifth of the recruits shall be chosen to be commended as outstanding CAS recruits. The experts' team shall raise opinions on the end-term appraisal.

  (3) The Leading Group shall meet to examine and approve the results of the end-term appraisal.

  (4) The CAS shall give a package sum for follow-up support to each outstanding recruit, which shall be earmarked from the CAS fund for scientific undertakings. Three years after the sum is given, the CAS institute where an outstanding recruit works shall report the progress of his or her work and the spending of the follow-up funding to the Office for the record.

  (5) The OCP shall, on an annual basis, compile a Brief Introduction to Work of CAS Recruits for Century Program Proven Outstanding in End-Term Appraisal. The CAS institutes where recruits works shall supply literature giving a brief account of them and their research groups. These, together with the experts' comments given on each in the end-term appraisal, shall be included Brief. The Brief shall be issued to all units of the CAS.

  Article V. These detailed rules shall become effective the day of their issue. The CAS Human Resources and Education Bureau shall be responsible for interpretation of these rules.

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