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CAS Program for Attracting Overseas Professionals
Update time: 2009-07-27
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As one of the Academy's "brain gain" measures, the objective of the program is, through the introduction of talented people from abroad, to further promote international S&T cooperation and exchanges and development in key disciplines, and to raise the Academy's academic status and competitiveness in the world.

  The program includes two approaches: recruiting overseas Chinese talent to carry out research at CAS institutes and supporting distinguished overseas scholars to carry out short-term studies in China.

  From 2001 to 2005, CAS will employ about 500 overseas Chinese scientists to carry out long-term studies at the Academy. Each successful candidate, after signing a three-year contract with CAS institutes, will receive financial assistance of up to two million yuan (including 1.73 million yuan for the research operation and 270,000 yuan for equipment purchases) over the term of the contract. Apart from wages, welfare funds and medical subsidies, all being decreed by the Government, he or she will receive a special subsidy (for those posts assigned to outstanding talents).


  To be eligible for the scheme, candidates shall be citizens of Chinese nationality. In addition, the scheme calls for the following minimum qualifications:

  1. A doctorate degree.

  2. Two consecutive years of scientific research overseas after obtaining his or her doctorate degree. Experience of assistant professorship or the equivalent is preferred.

  3. A record of achievement by participating in the complete process of a research project as a backbone researcher.

  4. Recognition in the academic community both at home and abroad, an expert knowledge of the development direction of the discipline he or she is engaged in, a strategic vision, and a demonstrated ability to lead a research team to conduct leading edge research and attain innovative results up to the current international level.

  5. A record of academic excellence in his or her specialty with world-level research results, a record of three papers published in major journals and cited by SCI or EI, possession of major invention patents and/or mastery of key technologies capable of holding sway over high-tech industrialization in a specific disciplinary realm.

  6. Demonstrated commitment to China's S&T endeavors and the development of the national economy.

  The successful candidates for short-term work in China will receive financial assistance for research of up to one million yuan. Successful candidates will have the following minimum qualifications:

  1. Associate professorship or equivalent.

  2. A record of academic excellence in his or her discipline or specialty, high recognition in the international arena, and be capable of setting the research orientation of a discipline or putting forward innovative conception.

  3. Demonstrated success in leading and managing a research team to score innovative achievements up to the advanced world level.

  4. A solid research record as demonstrated by scientific publications in authoritative journals or by a record of major inventions (patents) or mastery of technologies which have vital bearing on high-tech industrialization.

  5. Being able to work four months each year in China.

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