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Huang Kun Forum
Huang Kun Forum
The 219th:It’s a Small World After All : Recent Advances on Nano-materials and Technologies for ... (14.03.12)
The218th:InAs/GaSb as a Platform for Condensed Matter Research (14.01.08)
The 217th:The application of new micro-structural materials in laser and terahertz techniques (13.12.26)
The 216th:Research on new types of solid-state laser devices (13.11.26)
The 215th:Extreme ultraviolet attosecond laser technology and its applications (13.11.26)
The 214th:Recent Progress in Plasmonc and Metallic Cavity Semiconductor Nanolasers (13.11.22)
The 213rd:高功率超短脉冲光纤激光器研究进展及展望 (13.11.12)
The 212nd:纤维集成光器件的进展与应用 (13.11.05)
The 211st:Recent Progress of Efficiency Droop Improvement for High efficiency (>200lm/W) GaN-bas... (13.11.11)
The 210th:Recent Progress of Efficiency Droop Improvement for High efficiency (>200lm/W) GaN-bas... (13.11.12)
The 209th:Integrated Microwave Photonics (13.11.11)
The 208th:Nanophotonics for Future Datacom and Ethernet Networks (13.11.07)
The 207th: Photoelectrochemical Techniques for Fabricating Efficient Vertical Light-emitting Diode (13.11.08)
The 206th:Berry phase effects on Bloch electrons in electromagnetic fields (13.11.05)
The 205th:Si/Ge based Low-Dimensional Structures for Future Electronics (13.10.29)
The 204th: High speed communication system, module and bionic opto-communication (13.10.21)
The 203rd:Laser performance of the erbium-ytterbium-codoped fiber with high concentration (13.10.21)
The 202nd:Plasmonics for on-chip Optical Data Transmission (13.10.21)
The 201st: New progress on solid-state single frequency laser (13.10.21)
The 200th:Nanogenerators as new energy technology and piezotronics for functional systems (13.10.12)
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