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Huang Kun Forum
Huang Kun Forum
The 239th:Plasmonic Application with 2D Materials and its Near-field Optical Characterizations (14.12.19)
The 238th:Development of laser additive manufacturing for large structural components and laser c... (14.12.08)
The 237th: Recent research on Hg3In2Te6 monocrystalline and uncooled infrared detector fabrication (14.12.01)
The 236th:Silicon Photonics with Micro-ring Resonator Devices (14.10.31)
The 235th:Challenges of integrated Bragg gratings in silicon photonics (14.10.27)
The 234th:Theory of optical and vibrational properties of 2D materials: influence of the environment (14.10.14)
The 233rd:Resonant Tunneling Diodes for Optoelectronic devices and systems (14.09.12)
The 232nd:Quantifying interface and bulk contributions to spin-orbit toque in magnetic bilayers (14.09.12)
The 231st:Epitaxially Re-Grown Photonic Crystal Surface Emitting Lasers (14.08.14)
The 230th: Is nitride a solution for compact, room temperature THz laser? (14.06.10)
The 229th:Topological Insulators and Topological Superconductors (14.05.28)
The 228th:Nanoelectronic materials and devices at the crossroads: Recent advances and future pers... (14.05.13)
the 227th:Novel integrated devices based on nonlinear frequency generation (14.05.13)
The 226th:Quantum Cones Formation in Semiconductors by Laser Radiation: Experiments, Modeling and... (14.05.05)
The 225th:Functional microfluidic chip system (14.04.23)
The 224th:Magneto optical thin film materials and monolithic integration on silicon Non-reciproca... (14.04.18)
The 223rd:Can Femto-second Fiber Laser replace solid laser?---The new progress and application o... (14.04.18)
The 222nd:Fabrication and characterization of extremely downscaled graphene nanoribborn transisto... (14.03.21)
The 221st:NEC's activities on flexible optical network (14.03.18)
The 220th:Terahertz Imagers and Spectrometers with Nanostructured Semiconductors and Carbon Mater... (14.03.18)
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