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Huang Kun Forum
Huang Kun Forum
The 287th: Interband Cascade Lasers and Related Optoelectronic Devices (16.07.12)
The 286th: Power-switching applications beyond silicon: Status and future prospects of SiC and Ga... (16.07.01)
The 285th: Why Do Hybrid Perovskite Work So Well For Solar Cells and Applications Beyond? (16.06.22)
The 284th: From [cm→nm], from [fs→DC]: a peculiar research path for a junior investigator in Ta... (16.06.22)
The 283rd: Recent progress in inorganic-organic hybrid perovskite solar cells (16.06.12)
The 282nd: Fundamentals, modeling and design of small slope, beyond CMOS transistors for energy e... (16.05.31)
The 281st: Parity-Time Symmetry Photonics: exploiting optical losses (16.05.25)
The 280th: Silicon Carbide Power Electronics: Challenges and Opportunities (16.05.25)
The 279th: Anomalous phonon transport/heat diffusion in nano scale systems (16.04.28)
The 278th: Integrating III-V quantum dot lasers on silicon platform for silicon photonics (16.04.28)
The 277th: Nano Spin Conversion Science (16.04.28)
The 276th: Light effect transistors (LETs) for high speed and low energy computing (16.04.18)
The 275th: Current status, technical bottlenecks and development of ultra-high power femtosecond... (16.04.18)
The 274th: Innovation and development of ultra short and ultra intense laser (16.04.12)
The 273rd: Deep Learning Processors (16.02.24)
The 272nd: Molecular Beam Epitaxy growth of Semiconductor Nanostructures: present status and futu... (16.01.06)
The 271st: Spin Hall Effect (15.12.16)
The 270th: Monolithic integration of III-V semiconductor nanowires with silicon platform for opto... (15.12.16)
The 269th: Tunable artificial atoms: Strained quantum dots for single and entangled photon genera... (15.12.08)
The 268th: Direct bandgap group IV materials for photonic devices (15.11.30)
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