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Huang Kun Forum
Huang Kun Forum
318th:Physics enabled by the discovery of spin-transfer torques (18.05.23)
The 317th: Spin Conversion Phenomena in Spintronics (18.05.23)
The 316th: Interpretation of quantum mechanics (18.05.23)
315th:Novel Approach to Grow High-Quality and Large-size Freestanding AlN Single Crystals by PVT ... (18.05.23)
314th:Monolithic subwavelength gratings for VCSELs: new concept of light confinement (18.05.23)
The 313th: Principles of simulations of an operation of modern semiconductor lasers (18.05.23)
The 312th: Trends of Reconfigurable and in-Memory Processing Architectures for Deep Neural Networks (17.10.26)
The 311th: Progress in Bonding and Epitaxial Growth for Heterogeneous Photonic Integrated Circuits (17.10.24)
The 310th: Oxide and Perovskite Structures Grown from Solutions for Advanced Applications (17.10.24)
The 309th:Chip-based Brillouin devices: Harnessing photon-phonon interactions in nanoscale integr... (17.10.24)
The 308th:Leap of Topological Physics: Learning from Honeycomb Structure (17.10.11)
The 307th: Progress in Nanoscale Characterization and Manipulation (17.09.30)
The 306th: Understanding the semiconductor nanostructures using advanced electron microscopy (17.07.12)
The 304th:Metallopolyynes and Metallophosphors:New Multifunctional Materials with Emerging Applic... (17.07.12)
The 303th: High efficiency organic-inorganic hybrid perovskite light-emitting diodes (17.07.05)
The 302th: Coherent pulse stacking amplification|-another revolutionary progress after chirped pu... (17.07.05)
The 301th:III-Nitrides: a Universal Semiconductor for Energy ApplicationsThermoelectric and Solar... (17.07.05)
The 300th: High performance of perovskite solar cells: From cell to module (17.07.05)
The 299th: Controllable growth of single-walled carbon nanotubes and perovskite crystals (16.12.27)
The 298th: Devices – the key to Innovation in Power Electronics (16.11.18)
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