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    Institute of Semiconductors, Chinese Academy of Sciences, was among the first national founded institutions that were authorized to provide postgraduate education for master and doctoral degrees and to receive postdoctoral researchers. The institute is now one of the major bases for the Chinese Academy of Sciences to cultivate students for their doctoral degrees. 
       At present, there are three postdoctoral stations for physics, materials science and engineering, electronic science and technology, four doctor-degree-granting disciplines and five master-degree-granting disciplines. They are condensed matter physics (doctoral and master degrees), material physics and chemistry (doctoral and master degrees), physical electronics (doctoral and master degrees), microelectronics and solid-state electronics (doctoral and master degrees), circuitry and systems (master degree).
       The Institute has built a strong team of advisors of different age groups, whose knowledge and expertise are diverse and exceptional. They are all leading researchers in their research fields. Since 1978, many excellent talents have been trained, who now are working at the frontiers of science and technology all over the world. Along with the implementations of knowledge-innovating projects, the graduate education has developed very rapidly and the enrolment is increasing year by year. The total registered number of graduate students and postdoctoral researchers will soon reach 600 and 50, respectively. 
       With the dual capacity of being a student and an assistant researcher, each graduate student at ISCAS will take part in frontier research and be involved in research activities of major scientific projects.  In addition, in accord with the knowledge-innovation initiative, the Institute has devised a scholarship system following international conventions, which supports the registered graduate students at the level equivalent to the specialized technical fellows during the course of their studies.
       The Institute will take full advantage of the excellent teachers and the top-ranking scientific research conditions it has to attract more students and to better train them for excellence.

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